My Face Is An Open Book, "The Blog"

My Face Is An Open Book, "The Blog"

A Quest for better Sex, Money, and Presitige in a Recession

It's Only for Selling Products, It's NOT Real Life

Maxim's, "How to give her the best sex ever" - TRASH 

AskMen's; "Top 10 tips for better sex, Top 10 sex fantasies, Sex positions with a twist, and 4 tips to make her orgasm" - Beyond TRASH

Any sex and relationship article from cosmopolitan, women, or glamour magazines -

(I think you get the point) 

    Honestly, who do you personally know that gave any of these tips a stellar review. According to William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson, the pioneers of research into the nature of human sexual response. As well as, the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders identify the four stages in the human sexual response cycle as:

  • Excitement phase (initial arousal)
  • Plateau phase (at full arousal, but not yet at orgasm) 
  • Orgasm 
  • Resolution phase (after orgasm)

     Contrary to popular belief, and ridiculously recycled sex articles from you favorite magazines, everybody in real life can experience a breakdown with one or all of these stages at some point. The breakdown can be caused by a number of psychological factors like stress from bills, kids, errands and appointment, or work. The issue could be you and your spouse's schedule simply don't make suitable time. In the world outside of the movies, magazine, television series, and books people simply don't feel like it all of the time. An unexpected $500 power bill, a destroyed living room from your curious children, and work stress don't necessary put you in that Christian Grey and Ana Steele mood. 

Who can relate, but won't admit it, I will take your silence as confirmation.

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