My Face Is An Open Book, "The Blog"

My Face Is An Open Book, "The Blog"

A Quest for better Sex, Money, and Presitige in a Recession

It's Only for Selling Products, It's NOT Real Life

Maxim's, "How to give her the best sex ever" - TRASH 

AskMen's; "Top 10 tips for better sex, Top 10 sex fantasies, Sex positions with a twist, and 4 tips to make her orgasm" - Beyond TRASH

Any sex and relationship article from cosmopolitan, women, or glamour magazines -

(I think you get the point) 

    Honestly, who do you personally know that gave any of these tips a stellar review. According to William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson, the pioneers of research into the nature of human sexual response. As well as, the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders identify the four stages in the human sexual response cycle as:

  • Excitement phase (initial arousal)
  • Plateau phase (at full arousal, but not yet at orgasm) 
  • Orgasm 
  • Resolution phase (after orgasm)

     Contrary to popular belief, and ridiculously recycled sex articles from you favorite magazines, everybody in real life can experience a breakdown with one or all of these stages at some point. The breakdown can be caused by a number of psychological factors like stress from bills, kids, errands and appointment, or work. The issue could be you and your spouse's schedule simply don't make suitable time. In the world outside of the movies, magazine, television series, and books people simply don't feel like it all of the time. An unexpected $500 power bill, a destroyed living room from your curious children, and work stress don't necessary put you in that Christian Grey and Ana Steele mood. 

Who can relate, but won't admit it, I will take your silence as confirmation.

Don't, "Like" if you feel


Is MONEY really the root of all evil, or do we have it all wrong?




       We have all heard the infamous quote at some point in our lives. 1 Timothy 6:10 states, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, in their eagerness to get rich, have wandered away from the faith and caused themselves a lot of pain.” (International Standard Version, 2008) Similar to money, poverty cannot buy happiness. However, money can put a believable down payment on it. In addition, poverty can put a sizeable down payment on misery. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. I've heard of filthy rich people whom lives are overrun with discontent and misery. On the contrast, I have personally experienced people who are very content with having very little. Can there be a balance? If I had the new Bentley GT, will I truly be happy, or will the price of keeping it add bigger problems. If I rented a cheap apartment in a questionable part of town, will this ensure my happiness? I would imagine the answer to these questions would vary dramatically depending on who you ask.


Are we materialistic because we aspire for more, or is it unrealistic to not. #AmIwrongforwantingtobetterme Any thoughts?

Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic (Swag Budget - V.S - The Recession)


                                                            5 a.m store lines - CHECK
             Money loaded on the unemployment card  - CHECK
                            $160 - Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic - CHECK
                  Looking, "swagged-out" in a recession - PRICELESS


          For the second time this month NIKE is releasing their Retro Edition, "J's." The Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympics was released today, July 21, 2012. We are familiar with the entire setup. It’s been this way for years. It's similar to, "Black Friday." Long lines, people camped-out in front of the store, and impatient customers. If you were part of the many waiting in that 5 a.m line, you bought your new, "J's" for $160. However, if you missed out on the small quantity each store had in stock. Then, you're more than likely going to have to dish-out $300, or better on eBay and similar sites. $300, really? Ok people; realistically speaking is this the best use of our time and money? On one hand, in the words of an Atlanta-based rapper, 2 chainz, " It's mine, I spend it. I'm riding around, and I'm getting it." Are you REALLY getting it? Are you easily getting enough money to justify your swag budget? If you think like I do, my thoughts are more like, “It’s mine, I don't have it. I'm barely working so I save it"



Swag Budget - V.S - The Recession, which side are you on?


         After awakening this morning my first thought was, #FUCKBILLS! No worries, I thanked God for allowing me to see another morning too! But seriously, as a member of the middle (working) class I know we bust our ASS just to maintain. Not excel, simply maintain. Maybe, you are  maintaining a two story, four bedroom, two car garage house in the suburbs, and the HOA just fined you an unexpected $500 for using fireworks on the 4th in your backyard. On the other hand, you could be maintaining a studio apartment and a paid-off 1998 Chevrolet Malibu with transmission problems. Regardless of the financial level you are currently maintaining it is clear, "bills are at an all time high, and income is at an all time low."

#WhoCanRelate? Let's blog it out!

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